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Ta tātou kaupapa

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E pā ana ki a koe/about us

We love food and there's no denying that everyone wants and needs it.

My favourite past times are getting together with whānau and friends, which always include sharing of kai (any excuse is a good excuse). My husband Tuts (Toots, as we call him) whose country of origin is Manihiki, a small and beautiful Cook Island north of Rarotonga, is the motivation behind our specialty kai moana dishes which are too good not to share.

Having spent over 10 years coordinating events and my love of pleasing people with food made it a natural process for me to want to pursue catering.

Koa koa ki te ora, te aroha, te kai
Please enjoy life, love, and kai...
especially ours!

Memorial statue of Patea nui Aotea Waka

Pēpeha/Where am I from

Ko Taranaki te maunga
Ko Patea-a-nui te awa
Ko Aotea te waka
Ko Turi te kai Ariki Aotea
Ko Ngāti Ruanui, Ngā Rauru oku iwi
Ko Pukorokoro me te Kairakau Ngā hapu
Ko Waioturi-a-nui me Whenuakura oku marae

Ko Tamaki Makaurau toku kainga
Ko Denise toku ingoa

Tēnā rawa atu to my Aunty Sandra, who I appreciate sharing and supporting my desire to embrace my whakapapa and Māoritanga.


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Changes, Cancellations & Refund Policy

We endeavour to provide a professional customer service experience and to be able to do this we require a reasonable amount of time to be able to accommodate change/amendment requests.Due to the nature of Tuteru Kai's business, cancellations without 72 hours notice may incur loss of full amount paid - we will endeavour to work with our customers to come to a mutual agreement.  Please check order confirmation and contact us immediately with any discrepancies. 


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